Bright Silence, Streets of Laredo, Sabrina Stone at The Living Rm, January 2013

The Bright Silence. They just performed again at Bowery Electric on Friday, February 23rd with Great Elk, Aloud, and Hee Young, where I did some more live sketching.

A family of performers with a variety of instruments, Streets of Laredo.

The band brought on their friends from Bird Courage. Rather than re-draw the regular members in the scene, I focused on capturing the new faces that joined the stage. I'll be sketching Bird Courage again at their release party, 11pm on Wednesday February 20th, at Rockwood Music Hall. (Sorry for the previous botch - it was Spark&Echo at The Living Room this week.)

Was able to spend some more time on this drawing of Sabrina Stone. She has an exciting personality.

Sabrina performs some songs with another guitarist.

Bits and pieces of her faces.

One of the last performances before The Living Room may have to close its doors. I just sketched there again on Monday, February 18th for Spark & Echo.
Event date: January 2013