NYBC Academy: Leadership and Motivation, April 2013

Sketched the attendees networking. Leanne Stella (in the back) of Art In FLUX Harlem, organized the pop-up gallery featuring artist Juan Luna.

Malko Ebers, CEO of New York Business Consultants, introduces the event.

Peter Reyes, professional boxer, speaks about why to Believe in Greatness.

Michael Deer, pastor and motivational speaker, encourages listeners to Be Unstoppable.

Edward Lopez, pilot/realtor/motivational speaker, describes the Top Qualities of Motivational Leaders.

Brett Morgan, President of Meerkat Consulting Group, explains the principles of Applying Leadership.

Networking with Michael Deer and Leanne Stella in front, Edward Lopez and photographer Tun in the back.

Pascal Zach of Living Life Free converses with NYBC consultant Phil Khun.

Participated in an evening of dialogue, learning, and networking with New York Business Consultants. Office space in the Helmsley Building provided by Regus. A schedule of upcoming gatherings can be found here.
Event Date: April 24, 2013