Spark & Echo Arts LIVE at ATLab, January 2013

Emily Hazel performs her poetry with musical accompaniment by James Hall on trombone and Evan Mazunik on keyboard. Previously sketched her here. Also sketched James in performance with Kenyon Adams & American Restless (images forthcoming).

On the left is cellist Meaghan Burke, on the right is Warren Jackson reading poetry.

James Hall and Evan Mazunik again, with Benje Daneman in the center on trumpet.

Spark & Echo the band, with husband-and-wife team Jonathon Roberts and Emily Clare Zempel, finish off the night.

Spark & Echo Arts kicked off their year of scriptural art-making with an event at the Alchemical Theatre Lab. For a recap, visit
(Proof I was there... watch the video for my blurred face at 1:52)