Hee Young, Aloud, Bright Silence, Great Elk at Bowery Electric, February 2013

Hee Young starts off the show with some lovely sounds.

Aloud, a Boston-based band. (On the right is a shadow man, a friend who joined them on tambourine for only one song.)

A pleasure to draw Bright Silence once again. Previous pictures can be seen here.

Three of the members of Great Elk.

The other two members of Great Elk. (Notice the sticker for Hee Young as a small square on the second guitarist's shirt.)

Loose sketch of people chatting and milling about after the show.

Started drawing the bar in between sets, and worked on it more at the end of the night. It was interesting to see how the scene shifted, and I had to make lots of changes as the image developed. Much thanks to the bartender and employees, who treated me well and shared their stories. Also to the drinkers who talked with me about music and compared my work to Renoir's Luncheon of the Boating Party.

A big thank you to Emily, who drew this wonderful picture of me!

Event date: February 2013