Spark & Echo at The Living Room, February 2013

Spark & Echo doing their thing. One of the interesting aspects about drawing musicians is deciding how to handle the instrument change - usually I'll start a new drawing, on a new page or the same, but in this case her guitar simply shrunk into a ukelele.

Emily on the bassoon, and happily playing the egg.

Nicolas Destino read his poetry, interspersed between songs.

Spark & Echo the band playing one of the final shows at The Living Room's current location. I know I said that about Kevin's show with The Bright Silence, drawn here, but the days are counting down. You can contribute to the venue's fund for a new home at MusicPledge. Also, I specify Spark & Echo "the band" because it is a part of Spark & Echo Arts, an impressive Biblical arts initiative that brings together all sorts of arts incorporating scripture, as many of their songs do.
Event date: February 2013